I have an offbeat attack line for Joe Biden in tonight’s showdown. I would simply ask Paul Ryan how effective he thinks he would be in an administration if Mitt Romney were a moderate. For example, would Ryan shelve his budget and embrace a hands-off approach to abortion laws? Would Ryan be disappointed if Romney abandons his pledge to be a “serious conservative”? How would he explain that to his tea party base in Congress? I think this line of inquiry might put Ryan in an awkward position in the debate. If he does the usual ploy of ignoring the questions and going into talking points, Biden can follow up where he is very strong: “If President Romney asked you for advice on the Supreme Court, would you reinforce his stated preference for judges like Anthony Scalia, or would you counsel a more moderate choice?” My assumption is that tonight’s debate will be tense and entertaining. Biden will undoubtedly do what the president did not: make Ryan defend his ticket’s policies. Ryan will likely give as good as he gets, and we will quickly be on to the next presidential debate. In the meantime, here’s hoping Biden gives the faithful a booster shot of morale.