I think Republicans have celebrity envy. We don't get any contributions from Hollywood, so we act like we don't want any and that taking celebrity money somehow hurts President Obama politically. We assume that associating with high-profile, popular, pretty people is unwise. I guess we think it is better politics to get a zillion dollars in private meetings from casino magnates, as if people will like that better. Generally speaking, endorsements in campaigns usually don't matter much and sources of funds matter even less. But let's face it, who would you rather be seen taking a bag of money from, Angelina Jolie or any casino baron?

In other news:

*A news story this week reminded me of just what a savvy Insider I am, and I thought in fairness I should pass it on to readers.  Consider this: A couple of years ago, some credible people came to my office at BGR Group asking for help to get the U.S. government to pay for Russian helicopters for use in Afghanistan. They said these helicopters were cheaper and better suited for Afghan pilots and Afghan weather conditions, etc. I listened politely and walked them to the door, telling them it would never happen. Even if the Defense Department agreed, as soon as members of Congress found out about it, they would object and insist that American taxpayer money be used to buy American helicopters, probably constructed in their state. No one in Washington would ever agree to buy Russian helicopters with taxpayer money.  What a wacky meeting. What a waste of time. Well . . . someone made a gazillion dollars selling Russian helicopters to the U.S. government and it wasn't me.

*John Edwards had the best week of any Democrat. It's not because he didn't have to be in the room and applaud Obama's useless speech on Thursday in Ohio, it's because he found out he would not be prosecuted a second time for being a sleazeball. He is the only Democrat that I am aware of who was told this by the Justice Department this week. These days, there are many Democrats who are hoping they have John Edwards's good luck. But we also learned this week that if John Edwards wins the Nobel Peace Prize, his winnings will be slashed due to poor portfolio management at the Nobel Foundation. So the news wasn't all good for John Edwards.

*Mitt Romney is doing a Sunday news show this Sunday. You would think the guy doesn't read The Insiders every day. Just a few days ago, I specifically said he should hide until Inauguration Day, when he should emerge on the west front of the Capitol to take the oath of office. This would be after Obama has lost the referendum on himself, the recounts have ended, the Supreme Court has ruled, and the United Nations hasn’t sent peacekeepers to Washington. I can think of 1,000 bad things that could come from a Sunday show appearance, but I can only think of about two good things that could happen, one of them being nothing.

*All of this could have been moot as we learned that a massive, planet-killing asteroid passed near Earth last night.  It was only 5.1 million kilometers away. No one in America knows how much a kilometer is, but let's just say as a percentage of gross domestic product, a unit of measure everyone in Washington understands, that it's pretty small. Just a useful reminder that in politics, things can change in the blink of an eye. More later.