Powerful omens are foreshadowing something big happening in the political universe. There have been reports of water flowing uphill, I understand there will be a sudden, unpredicted eclipse happening soon, there are stories of animals who have begun to speak and walk upright, and Carter Eskew and senior Obama campaign strategist Stephanie Cutter are finding fault in a CBS/New York Times poll

Every righteous Republican knows that a CBS/New York Times poll has at least a nine-point bias against Republicans. Yet Monday, they released a poll with Mitt Romney leading President Obama, 46 percent to 43 percent. Other polls also have Democrats muttering to themselves and stumbling. (I saw a few Democrats wander, dazed and confused, into traffic on the streets of Washington earlier today.) The USA Today/Gallup poll puts the generic congressional ballot with Republicans leading 50 percent to 44 percent (a really bad sign for Democrats), and a North Carolina poll has Romney leading 51 percent to 43 percent

Actually, I don’t like paying much attention to polls at this stage in the campaign. You certainly can’t take the head-to-head numbers and extrapolate out to November, but it is interesting to see the effect some of these polls are beginning to have on Democrats and the left-wing media.  They can’t explain it. The polls aren’t as entertaining as the reaction they have gotten from liberals. Carter spent 302 words today not in defense of Obama but in trying to explain the deficiency of the CBS/New York Times poll.

The left needs to wake up and smell the double espresso soy latte, or whatever it is they drink. Obama’s going through a trough. It suggests there could be serious trouble, but why am I the one telling Obama not to panic?