Did Ann Romney's and Chris Christie's speechwriters share drafts with each other before last night's keynotes? I ask because I thought it was a little strange to have Ann Romney say "all we need is love," and then for Chris Christie to say "love is okay, but what we really need is respect."

Christie's speech almost sounded like a rebuttal. I think the problem with the disconnect was caused  by putting the two speeches with very different goals back to back. The spouse's saccharin set-piece and the keynote's rally speech  are set-pieces of all conventions, and they belong, as originally scheduled, on different nights.

Just when we were getting softened and buttered up by Ann Romney, comes the raging bull of Chris Christie. There is a reason that networks group comedies and dramas on individual nights, and the convention programmers broke this rule, and it created a little dissonance.

As for the content and style of the speeches, Ann Romney's appeal probably broke along class lines; she has a Junior League quality that is comforting to some, grating to others. Chris Christie did what Romney should have feared he would: Talk about himself more than the guy he was trying to help.