Come home, Mitt. Your trip abroad isn’t going well. First, the Daily Telegraph reports one of your advisers making dumb comments about Anglo-Saxons; and you say now that report is false. Should we get Scotland Yard on this mystery?

Next, you insult Great Britain’s preparedness on the eve of Olympics’ opening ceremonies. That’s a little like telling the father of the bride that his daughter is ugly on her wedding day, and British Prime Minister David Cameron took appropriate umbrage.

I thought Romney was a smooth operator at least, but this is really amateur hour. The tension in Downing Street around the games must reach to the top of the London Eye, and for Romney this was a Reaganesque opportunity to praise the prime minister, his government and the people of London for doing such a great job. To say, “I know how hard this is”and to appear gracious and graceful. But Romney blew the dunk. At least, he said he likes “Downton Abbey.”

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