Ed notes in his morning post that if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survives his recall, he will deserve credit for standing his ground and that his victory will signal to Mitt Romney and other Republicans that they can win by pursuing a smaller-government agenda in the face of liberal outcry.

I don't know much about the recall race and so am reluctant to draw many conclusions about it. As a former political operative, I am suspicious when national trends are read into local races. “All politics is local” until national reporters show up.

But I do know this: The Wisconsin race may be a harbinger in the sense that Republican money — the special-interest cocktail of the Koch brothers, the Tea Party and conservative business leaders who have vowed to dominate in 2012 — proved itself in Wisconsin. The GOP and its supporters outspent the Democrats and their special interests by more than 2 to 1. Look for that same phenomenon coming soon to a race near you.