Gov. Romney was sharp and clear. He distinguished himself — compared to President Obama, who was wimpy and flat. Nobody made a fatal mistake, and it appears there were no knockouts, but Romney did himself some good. Tonight’s results should be a lift for Romney, but Obama’s supporters won’t be disappointed, either. 

Obama was Obama. His answers were long and tiresome. He didn’t seem happy to be there or to be enjoying himself the way Romney did. And another thing, as I’ve written before: The president says “uh” too much, and it drives me crazy. 

In politics, good gets better and bad gets worse. In 24 hours, the commentators and pundits should be saying that Romney was a big winner and that the president will be scrambling to recover at the next debate. Already, it appears that Obama’s spokespeople and sympathizers are backpedaling. 

Nobody lost tonight, but Romney took a big step toward putting himself in the position to benefit if Obama doesn’t raise his game.