Well, it took some swerving and sloppy lane changes to get here, responses to questions may have been slurred and the gait was staggered, suggesting a teetotaling Mormon was not at the wheel, but Mitt Romney has arrived at the fact that Obamacare is a tax.  Romney is now sorta-kinda, almost firmly in place with every other GOP leader that has to share a ballot with him in November. Romney had to go out of his way not to get here quickly after Justice John Roberts' elegant gift was offered.

It didn't have to be done the hard way.

The Supreme Court declared it a tax. President Obama's solicitor general said it was a tax. Republicans danced in the street singing that it was a tax. The stage to speak clearly and lead the party's chorus could not have been better prepared. It is easy to distinguish what might have been done in the single state of Massachusetts many years ago and what Mitt Romney would do as president of the United States. But never mind: Romney has arrived at where he needs to be.  

Someday, after the campaign is over, David Maraniss, Dan Balz or some other big-time author will give us the back story on how Romney almost blew it, but in the meantime, all Republicans should act like nothing happened. Obamacare is a tax and we are against it. Move along folks, nothing to see here, get back to your business of campaigning against the Obamacare tax.

Remember, it is a tax.