This is getting fun. Not to beat an ultimately dead candidacy no matter his Iowa finish,but Rick Santorum is no sprite. For confirmation of his gay-bashing, anti-birth control and anti-evolution positions, check this link . Now on to Ed’s better critique.

No question President Obama has disappointed many and that the election will undoubtedly be close, unless the Republicans nominate, say, Santorum or Rick Perry.

People have their own sense of style. To me, Obama isn’t dour; he’s sunny but a little aloof. But whatever his demeanor, he remains surprisingly popular given the economy. And his numbers have risen some.

My sense is that if the race is Obama vs. Romney, it won’t be a personality contest. Both men are smart and detached; both have great looks and families. Instead, we might just get what Ed and I both want, I think: an election of greater substance.