Yesterday, I mentioned some of the things gone wrong for Republicans in this election cycle. Today, I'll mention some things going right for the Democrats, all in service of explaining why President Obama is beating Mitt Romney so far.

The economy is not working as hard for Romney as he thought it would. I've said before Romney's derivative, trickle-down plan fails to inspire voters, but that's not the whole story. Voters seem to agree with Obama's narrative that the economy was in a huge hole and is recovering, albeit slowly. The 29 straight months of net job growth is helpful here, and, in some areas of their economic lives, voters see some real improvement. The stock market and the housing market are the two most important barometers of a family's wealth. One is at a record high; the other, according to the Case-Shiller Index, is showing real signs of recovery. And yesterday we learned that consumer confidence jumped nine points, to the highest  level in seven months.

The economy is still Romney's best issue, but as it strengthens, he weakens.