Good news, bad news on the president’s new (old) tax proposal. The good news is it’s a winning political issue; the bad news, well, it fits into a tired political kabuki.

Except for fundraising, President Obama has won the last couple of weeks from Mitt Romney. My main evidence?

● The health-care decision, which prevented Obama from looking like the biggest loser, and, more importantly, the aftermath, where conservatives jammed Romney into a familiar and uncomfortable spot on the mandate. A penalty in Massachusetts had to become a tax, making Romney, once again, look weak, craven, political— take your pick.

.● The renewed focus on Romney’s personal finances. It may indeed be easy, as Ed says, for Romney to explain his offshore bank accounts, but people may not like the explanation very much if it is anything like the one provided by Vanity Fair.

Obama’s tax cut argument fits nicely into the campaign’s ongoing effort to paint Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy: lake mansions, a beach mansion with an elevator (for the cars), horses that sound French and Swiss and Bahamian bank accounts. The Bush presidents realized the danger of this brush; that’s why they touted pork rinds and Texas. Republicans really, really hate class warfare, especially went it’s working.

The only thing I don’t like about the Obama argument is that it’s a little tired. But I'll taking boring over losing.