News from Tampa? There isn't any news. And that's not just big news, it's a miracle.

I told someone this morning of my concern that there were too many pols, too many journalists and not enough convention to keep everyone busy. That’s a prescription for real trouble, especially given the contest among the MSM to see who can broadcast the craziest thing said by a Republican.

So far, the dense mixture of politicians, pundits, press, alcohol and idle hours hasn't ignited into some bizarre off-message drama. But the day remains young.

Anyway, the atmosphere here is more buoyant than I expected. I've been to every convention since 1976, and the positive vibe here is powerful. GOP leaders from outside the Beltway think Romney is going to win. There is a lot of talk about dispirited Democrats back home.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll got a lot of attention here because it confirmed the primacy of the economy as the issue that will matter to voters, and all the clutter in the news doesn't reflect what delegates observe in their own states. I tweeted about it this morning.

President Obama is disdained by his opponents, who see him as a failed president who can't pull out of a dive. Many here think the race won't even be close. And the delegates I've talked to aren't cocky; they are determined.

Even without a convention, this convention is pumped.