The Iowa race is still fluid, and no Republican is taking anything for granted. If Carter is right and Obama campaign officials would like to see a protracted GOP nomination contest, I may actually agree with them. Since President Obama can’t run on a record of achievement, he must make the Republican nominee unacceptable by employing a vicious negative campaign.

I would like for every bad thing that could ever be said about our nominee to be said during our nomination battle. By the time Obama gets around to making the attacks, I want every voter to have heard it all before. Hopefully, this early exposure will create antibodies that will prevent any infection from Obama’s poison.

Also, while the president’s campaign may be trying to infiltrate the GOP contest and hoping to cleverly manipulate the Republican race around the edges, it may be missing a big problem headed its way. If Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum all get a ticket out of Iowa, the GOP would have endorsed the candidates with the most enthusiastic, optimistic and affable personalities.

The personality contrast is shaping up to be one that is not flattering to Obama. No one can say he is a happy warrior. No one thinks he would bring new enthusiasm and a happy spirit to the White House. Hope and change didn’t work, and he would look silly trying to make optimism and a positive disposition part of his pitch. On the other hand, Romney, Santorum and Perry would not have to fake it.