Both GOP Chairman Reince Preibus and Carter do a good job in defining the economic reality in which President Obama must now run for re-election. His words are coming back to haunt him. Nothing Obama has said or done has had the desired effect. Now, he is in the bizarre world that I have experienced in The White House. That is, the economy is bad, and the one thing The White House can do to make it worse is to say just how bad it is. Much of the economy is psychologically driven. Saying the economy is bad makes it worse. But saying it’s good makes you look oblivious and out-of-touch.

So what is Obama going to do? As I’ve said before, he’s going to carpet-bomb the Republican nominee with negative ads. He may have so much money that he might attack the generic Republican and Republicanism before the first primary or caucus even occurs.

Undoubtedly, the Obama campaign will do this while simultaneously moaning about the negative campaigns the Republicans are running, how underappreciated Obama is, and how bleak the land would be if a Republican were to replace him. Unfortunately, his hypocrisy will still attract collaborators and gullible enablers in the media and elsewhere. The 2012 Obama strategy is clear, and this campaign is going to be ugly. I hope Preibus, Karl Rove, and others understand this and are prepared to turn Mama’s picture to the wall and meet fire with fire.

New addition to the American political dictionary:

 per·ry    verb      \per-ē\

Definition of PERRY

To diminish your chances of holding elected office by acting in an inebriated or lightheaded way in public; <his campaign collapsed because he perried in front of television cameras>.