With all the news that is good for Republicans and bad for Democrats being ignored by much of the media, I'd like to contribute a few more items for a quick sweep under the rug.

Has anyone noticed that Republicans are leading in the congressional ballot polls, according to the Real Clear Politics average?  Republicans generally under-poll in congressional ballot samples, so the fact that the GOP leads is an instructive and positive omen for the entire Republican ticket. However, this won't be hard for President Obama's supporters in the media to overlook, since half of them are busy performing an autopsy on what they say is the dead Romney campaign. The other half are coddling poor Obama, who they are already treating as a victim bullied at the hands of their foe, the single best debater humans have ever known: Mitt Romney.

Anyway, while Obama fans have been busy declaring the race over, the news they have had to ignore includes some new show-stoppers and vivid revelations. The recently released 2007 video of Barack Obama channeling the old Al Sharpton is riveting, but the MSM believes it must be ignored because it is inexplicable and very unflattering. Did we elect that person as President of The United States? It can't be. Well, look and see for yourself.

Did anyone else see the vice president's quote from yesterday, where he admits that the middle class has been "buried" over the past four years?  Obama supporters in the media and Democratic operatives in Washington will freely laugh and tell you that comment should be ignored because Vice President Biden is ... crazy. They say this sincerely, never pausing to reflect on the potential consequences of having a crazy person as vice president. The real problem in their minds is that Republicans want to elect someone as VP who actually knows something, and who can speak clearly on difficult subjects, such as the federal budget.

And then there is the inconvenient truth that the national polls show the race is getting tighter, as the media's howls that Romney is finished have gotten louder. Romney is down by no more than 1 to 3 points, and the president is almost never at 50 percent in the polls. This is an unhealthy sign for an incumbent that few should ignore.

Maybe the media and the pros have overdone it a little. Perhaps the premature declarations of Romney's demise have made people remember that they haven't voted yet. 

Which brings us to tonight's debate. There are so many experts invested in the idea that Romney has no chance against Obama that it will be almost impossible for much of the post-debate analysis to be fair. Even if the Obama in the video linked to above were to reappear in Denver, he would be pushed out of the way to accommodate the hero his sympathizers and apologists want to see.

The debates matter, but for many who will be commenting after-the-fact, Obama has already won.