President Obama has been caught again with his ideology showing. This time, he has been caught gutting one of Bill Clinton's signature bipartisan achievements.  Virginia Gov. (and potential vice presidential candidate) Bob McDonnell does a very good job today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch of explaining   how Obama has gutted welfare reform through executive order; allowing states to propose programs that ignore federal work requirements and erasing successful programs that have given many impoverished Americans an opportunity to succeed.  

Obama's actions on welfare are another example of the corrosive power of a determined leftist presidency.  In removing the welfare-to-work requirements in such a fashion, he has shown what he really thinks about encouraging work instead of dependency.  There couldn't be a better way to open the floodgates for more government dependency.  He wants voters to give up, to take what he gives them and be satisfied until the next handout comes along.  That is the core of Obama's ideological and governing point of view.

The president believes that in this country, since you didn't build it, don't even try to make it. What has he done that suggests otherwise? While there has been no shortage of spilled verbiage in the campaign so far, the president owes American voters a speech forthrightly, and I assume proudly, explaining why he doesn't think those on welfare should be actively searching for employment, and why he chose to enact these changes through such a back-door, secretive method.  This should be part of the economic debate between Mitt Romney and the president.     This is just one more reason why we urgently need an election.