A lot of people say Newt Gingrich is on a trajectory now to win South Carolina, based on a weakened Romney — the tax returns quicksand — and Newt's own powerful debate performance, particularly his attack on the news media.

 Some of this rings true: Romney is floundering; at times he reminds me of the robot in the movie Total Recall, who is programmed to give one answer when he goes through the airport security of the future. When the guards become suspicious, he keeps giving the same answer, which is now nonsense. Finally, his head explodes. Romney's stock answers on his taxes and his shifting positions seem to be wearing thin to out.

Gingrich did have a good debate. Many commentators believe he not only once again used contempt for the press to fuel his campaign but effectively precluded the issue of his ex-wife's contention that he asked for an open marriage. I wouldn't be so sure of either conclusions. I think a lot of women find the accusation more credible and disgusting than John King's asking about it. And what about his ex-wife? What is she planning to do next? I doubt she is as afraid of continuing to raise tough questions as some others may be. Anyway, if Newt has yet another revival, the muck will be raked again.