Let’s go inside Rick Santorum’s head for a minute and imagine his inner thoughts as he faces tonight’s showdown.

“Man, I’m tired. Gotta push.  Couple of OTR’s and then radio and TV interviews all over Ohio. Last tracker had us down, but not sure I trust the models. John Brabender says we’ll pull out. Don’t like the trend. 

Did you see Karen yesterday? Man, she was great. She schooled the press. They never, never get what my support is about and they never will.

Actually, the real race that matters tonight?  It ain’t here. It’s in Georgia.  If Newt doesn’t beak 40, you tell me how he stays in the race… No way. And if I get Romney one-on-one? You tell me how Romney wins a general election… You see his numbers with independents in yesterday’s WSJ-NBC poll?  The guy is a stone loser: Conservatives stay home and independents hold their nose and vote for Obama. You tell me how that works.

But if we lose Ohio, the press will go crazy. It’s gonna be like that scene in Das Boot where the submarine goes so deep the rivets start popping.  That’s how bad the pressure will get.  Gotta have a really good, tough speech tonight. Put pressure on Newt to get out. What’s Adelson gonna do? Keep Gingrich on life support to kill me?  I need to call him later today.  Everyone’s gonna be calling on me to get out. ‘Rick,’ (now imitating the deep voice of the Party elder) ‘you’ve run a whale of a race and got a great future in the Party. Heck, you might even be the future of the Party. But think about it… What you decide now is gonna really matter to your future, your family’s and the Party... I know how hard these things are, but I also know you will do the right thing.’ The whole thing will be like the Godfather.  They’ll make me an offer. We’ll see… They still don’t understand their own Party’s split.  They are on the wrong side of the future….

Hey, when do we get the first batch of exits?”