All Republicans know that if it is October in an even-numbered year, the Democrats will be running ads trying to frighten people, especially older voters. It has been part of the circadian rhythm of American politics for more than a generation.

Well, it might be global warming, or it might be that we have the weakest incumbent president facing reelection in more than 30 years, but, as Carter points out, the Democrats are already on the attack.

Republicans, don’t despair! Your Insiders predicted this yesterday by saying it was time to turn mama’s picture to the wall and get ready for this campaign to be ugly!

Still, a Democratic superPAC’s anti-Romney ad is a mistake. It comes too early and is out of context. The president should be flourishing in all his presidential glory, by going to a vital international summit while the media at home is chasing Herman Cain and the foibles of his would-be opponents. His allies running the superPAC should know this.

Besides, there will be more unflattering minutes of news analyzing the wisdom of running this ad at this time than there will be airtime of the ad itself.