While we are waiting on the Michigan and Arizona primary results today, let’s relax with a little idle chatter.

Politics is usually weirder on the inside than it is on the outside. The Michigan primary may be different. Two things have happened in public in the last couple of days that suggest that the end of the world is near. No one could have predicted either event, and if a serious analyst would have done so, he or she would have been directed to the Onion for any future commentary.

First, a major contender for president, former U.S. senator Rick Santorum, actually said that college grads were basically snobs and that you shouldn’t make too much effort to join their ranks. I’m from Alabama, and I take a lot of good-natured ribbing about the stereotype. I’ll admit that by about the ninth grade, the appeal of discarding book learning for an apprenticeship as a crew member on a tow truck stirred within me. But no political leader ever gave me the encouragement that I needed at the time. Well, if Santorum had been running for president back then, perhaps he would have told me to drop the books, saluted me and I wouldn’t be teasing him now.

Second, everything I’ve thought about Mitt Romney’s wooden style and soulless campaign is not true. Kid Rock performed for Mitt Romney. Any astrophysicist will tell you that in this universe the opposite of Mitt Romney is Kid Rock. Yet it happened. I’m a big Kid Rock fan, and I haven’t sorted it all out yet. But Republican fans of Kid Rock can now come out of the closet. Mitt Romney did this for us. Much of what I thought was true in life has been proved wrong. I thought the near-empty stadium event of a few days ago was a more typical Romney event and that we would be seeing more like that. I was at peace with that.

Anyway, hopefully the election results tonight will bring the Santorum campaign back to the rational world of positive education programs where college is encouraged and Mitt Romney will bring back Lee Greenwood.