Further to Carter’s post, even though my teeth hurt, I can still manage to grin about how Carter and Sen. Claire McCaskill are trying to help Rep. Todd Akin stay on the ballot in Missouri. Akin has become what every Democrat wants a Republican to be. 

When Republicans vote nationwide, we nominate sensible people like Bush, McCain and Mitt Romney. But the Democrats always want to seize upon the wackiest comment of the day or the most narrow-minded belligerent with an “R” by their name, and then howl about the Neanderthal Republicans. 

That said, Akin needs to go. There’s no room in politics — or the Republican Party — for anyone who has thoughts like what he conveyed, no matter how suppressed they might be. 

Sen. McCaskill and Carter’s crowd are trying to save Akin. It would be best if the GOP leadership would clean up this stain before the Republican convention starts and make sure we have a Senate candidate in Missouri who has a chance to win. I’m sure MSNBC or others will have plenty of work for Akin to do after he leaves the Senate race.