Too much good news for the Romney campaign too soon has riled the left and made Mitt Romney more of a target than ever. In national politics, when they are out to get you, they usually get you. Romney could be in for a rough period.

Any review of the political headlines reveals the frustration liberals have with Romney's sudden strengths and the president's obvious weaknesses. Highlights of the liberals' recent bombast include: Romney as a liar, Republicans as "the problem" and Tea Party members as crazed zealots. These capture the sentiments that the Democrats have frantically embraced as Romney has debuted in a very strong position against the president.

Today's Washington Post-ABC News poll confirms that Republican women are eagerly embracing Romney, and the favorability gap he has with the president is dramatically closing. Campaigns are a series of peaks and valleys. And today could be Romney's high-water mark for the spring. The seething Democrats will collect their composure, Romney will miss a step, and a sustained effort to slow him down will take root. The Obama campaign and its sympathizers will pull threads and probe for weaknesses or embellish an unforeseen mistake by wrapping it with a metaphor to prove a larger negative point about Romney and try to sustain a pounding.

This cycle could have started yesterday with something like the Romney campaign's incorrect spelling of America in a campaign app introduction combined with a little more coverage about Trump and Romney's political relationship. But President Obama stepped on these clean shots by insulting Poland — an unforced error just when he didn't need one. Somewhere, a White House speechwriter is in trouble. But it still feels like Romney's sunny stroll is due for some rainy days.

What does a campaign do to brace for a blow and make it through a rough spot? Answer: Go slow, be sure-footed, over-plan everything, stick to a script, don't gamble or experiment, closely monitor surrogates, consolidate your position, stay off Sunday talk shows, have your rapid-response team well-rested. And ... hope for a Scott Walker win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, which would overwhelm most other campaign news and analysis. By that time, a slide may have begun for Romney, sending him down from his current peak and into a valley of lousy days. Romney is good; on Tuesday we will find out if he is lucky, too.