Carter is right, it is time for Mitt Romney to be the scrappy underdog. Romney has done it before — when it looked like the nomination could be slipping away from him earlier this year. The best way to become an underdog is to say you are about ten times a day and start playing the Rocky theme song at rallies. 

When I say scrappy underdog, I do not mean that Romney should look desperate and throw wild punches. He needs to be consistent and sharp, and give valid criticisms of President Obama’s record. Make Obama defend his record. Quote Obama's 2008 promises, which have gone unfulfilled. Make Obama reapply for his job and explain to the American people why he should be rehired. Obama probably won't handle that well. 

Obama, on the other hand, needs to not look smug and arrogant. Obama's coolness could become his enemy if he makes a mistake that reveals his condescending nature to voters.

Obama might need to do something he has never done in his political career: break a sweat.