I've said in jest that Mitt Romney should mostly go into hiding for the next few months, only to emerge in the third week of January on the west front of the U.S. Capitol to take the oath of office after President Obama loses the referendum on his presidency. Romney cannot beat Obama, but Obama could lose. Well, so far so good.

Obama is losing. Things have gotten worse faster for Obama than I had expected. By any measure, Obama is weaker politically today than he was a few weeks ago, and Romney is stronger. And all of this is a result of Obama's own misfortune and missteps. Meanwhile, Romney hasn't really done anything except effectively raise money. I wonder what the political landscape would look like today if Obama had been more quiet, stayed scripted in the White House and done less.

Too bad the election isn't next week. And that is my point. In political terms, the election is eons away. Undecideds are not only undecided, they are unengaged.

Obama will come back, do some smart things and get some lucky breaks. Romney will make some mistakes. In X days or weeks, we will be writing, "Wow, things sure can change. Only X days or weeks ago, we were all saying Obama was sinking." I still wouldn't trade Obama's problems for Romney's. But we shouldn't overstate Obama’s troubles or Romney's strengths.

Romney is doing the right thing, engaging in workmanlike campaigning and fundraising, while Obama is jinxed and flustered. Maybe Obama needs to hide, put everything in neutral and idle for a while.

On another note, speaking of terrible news for Obama that is developing, the Fed reports that American families have lost two decades of wealth since 2007. That is almost $50,000 for every American household. To put this into perspective, the average American household saves only $35,000 for retirement. And to add injury to injury, the government has piled approximately $51,000 in debt on each American household since 2007. More about this later. The full implications of the Fed’s report are just now being analyzed and digested. But the report will add momentum to the efforts of those who believe defeating Obama is urgent.