Okay, so I’ll acknowledge Carter is right. Obama got a poll that is less bad than every other poll that has come out in the last six months. Poll internals can be useful, but the head-to-heads aren’t particularly relevant yet. And by the way, I would wait for other polls to confirm these numbers before I would accept them. Especially in Florida, where I have seen private polling data that makes me think Obama can’t win in that state. And if there was ever a suspect poll that would be slanted against Romney, it would come from CBS and the New York Times.

That said, since when I signed on with the Insiders, I pledged to mostly not deny the obvious or defend the indefensible, I will acknowledge that in politics, a good poll is always better than a bad poll. But even if this poll is bulletproof, it’s still not where an incumbent president should be. Obama is weak because of his own handling of the economy. Obama has done all he can to destroy Romney, and Romney’s still standing. As I’ve said before, Obama has done too much to win in July and he will punch himself out before the race even gets to October.

The polls are going to go up and down in several more cycles.  Team Obama has got to be desperate for some better news; they should enjoy this while they can.