If Newt Gingrich gets out this week and endorses Mitt Romney, he will have ended his campaign with more class than Rick Santorum did, who has yet to endorse. Gingrich’s endorsement may not matter much, but my guess is it will be rhetorically strong and will offer some comfort to conservatives that it’s okay to unify behind the Republican’s nominee.

I have said for some time after Newt’s win in South Carolina that he didn’t have a contingency plan for success, and I think that remains a good summary of his presidential campaign. He got into it for a mixture of pecuniary, ego and intellectual reasons and never really expected to catch fire, certainly not after his early flame-out last summer. But he did, he had several bright moments in the sun, he probably sold some books and movies, and he and got to talk about some ideas. So, all in all, in spite of the debt he has accrued, Gingrich had a pretty good run. And I’m sure his pending announcement will help him take care of some of the debt.