Further to Carter’s point, I don’t brush off the items from this morning’s post, including the Ornstein/Mann report blaming Republicans.  I don’t address the merits of any of them.  I use these items to make the point that the left’s strategy is to create a cacophony of distractions so that Obama can avoid accountability on the economy. 

If the election is about the economy, Romney might win, or better said, Obama might lose.  The inescapable facts include that according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, 41 percent of American voters say they are worse off financially today than they were 4 years ago and 51 percent don’t expect their financial situation to change in the next 12 months.  And according to a Fox News poll, 83 percent of voters think the country is still in a recession.  It will always be tempting and difficult and even exasperating, as Carter would say, for Republicans to not take the bait.  But the left are off to a good start and have shown themselves to be completely uninhibited about the reckless claims they will make and the charges they will hurl. 

Campaigns often start off on a high note and descend into political knife fights.  This campaign is starting off with brass knuckles and I wouldn’t be surprised to see nunchucks by June.