Carter is right: President Obama won the week because his was less terrible than the odd-ball one that plagued Republicans. But Obama won’t continue to win by doing nothing, and he can't count on unhinged Republicans to make him look steady and engaged.

Nothing was bigger than the Herman Cain trainwreck this week. Your Insiders told you on Monday that the accusers, and the details, would all be forthcoming. Either Herman didn't read The Insiders that day, or he had some secret plan to escape the inevitable.

The Cain matter doesn't present any useful lessons to be learned. I hope it is coming to a close. Though I wrote that the allegations would be a non-fatal blow, in a way, it would be better if he flamed out completely at this stage, so he doesn’t continue to be such a powerful distraction from the real campaign that the GOP must build.

Some serious news could be just around the corner. Obama is at a summit of world leaders during a troubled time, the budget supercommittee is nearing a deadline and isn't sending out any encouraging vibes, and the campaigns will begin to air the tailored messages they most want voters to see and hear. It’s a chance to make somewhat of a second impression. Everybody should welcome the opportunity to reboot and get a little more serious. (After this weekend’s Alabama-LSU game that is — Roll Tide.)