While the presidential race is temporarily in a state of suspended animation awaiting Thursday’s Supreme Court health-care decision, it’s worth noting that President Obama has regained a little momentum. I have no polling evidence to support this conclusion, but I base it on several perceptions.

First, yesterday’s court decision on the Arizona immigration law was, as Ed bravely notes, another provocation to many Hispanic voters that will hurt Romney and help Obama. (Romney called the law a “model” for the nation.) Also, despite all the mini-controversy about the Bain line of attack on Romney, it seems to be working and getting stronger. Priorities USA released a powerful new ad this week which shows the power of this issue, and the president took advantage of the Washington Post’s page one article on Romney's shipping jobs overseas to ridicule Romney's distinction between “outsourcing” jobs and “off-shoring” them. Finally, the president has developed a nice little stump riff, where he neatly summarizes Romney's desire for more tax cuts and less regulation: “We tried that; it failed.”

These Obama triumphs are simply winning volleys in a long see-saw match. But they are reason enough to cheer while the umpire gets ready to rule Thursday.