President Obama keeps blaming former president George W. Bush for our economic problems because he thinks enough people will believe this excuse. His latest attempt to distract voters is even more insulting. Trying to escape a referendum on himself, Obama now says the election is about who wants more firefighters, teachers and police at the local level. Yes, Mitt Romney is the enemy of those brave souls and Obama is their savior. Please. Does the race have to be this dishonest this early? Is Obama so exhausted that the best he can do is hide behind hometown heroes while he denies the failure of his economic plans and the harm caused by his growing deficits?

This fits with Obama declaring that Republicans are waging a "war on women" and his White House saying Republicans are cruel to poor children. People don't buy it. It's over the top.

I've been saying it is too early for Obama to panic. But if his campaign isn't more serious than this and if he can't honestly talk about our problems and his plans to solve them, then he might as well try some panic. Panic could not produce a worse result than the hollow, dishonest campaign he is running now.

As Obama and his message get smaller, I think the race is narrowing to fewer states than most analysts might believe. We will probably know for sure after the Fourth of July, but I think we will have a six-state campaign starting pretty soon. They will be: Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), Ohio (18) and Wisconsin (10), for a combined 53 electoral votes. In the next few weeks, I expect it will become clear to the Obama campaign that Florida, North Carolina and Virginia are lost and not worth the fight. I thought Carter was bluffing when he talked about Obama's money woes, but it is looking like Obama really won't have the money to keep as many states as he would like competitive.  We will have a relatively long campaign, fought on a small field. Given the lack of creativity, imagination and honesty that the Obama campaign has been able to sustain so far, his operatives should fear that the president will wear out his welcome when he has to campaign for so many days in so few places.

I assume a major strategic overhaul is underway at the Obama campaign headquarters.