It is only mid-August and President Obama has officially run out of things to say. I've said before that I think the Obama campaign is not properly pacing itself. I've thought his campaign was running too hot and it would exhaust itself before November. 

Obama does not appear to be building his campaign to a crescendo that will drive up turnout but is instead building a campaign of distractions and pot shots that will turn voters off and suppress turnout. Low turnout should be among Obama's greatest fears in 2012. Perhaps he is hoping the campaign will be so bad that it will suppress Mitt Romney's turnout, too.

Yesterday revealed two examples of how low the Obama campaign has reached. I think we are beyond the kitchen sink and Obama is now throwing pieces of pipe out of the wall.

Obama has a new ad out in which he and his superPAC accuse Romney of killing a woman. That's right, Romney killed her by investing in a company that failed. Her husband worked at that company and, somehow, the Bain Capital investment led to her illness and death. Yes, it is a little hard to follow. The woman's death is a tragedy, but Obama doesn't mind using it in a twisted way to try and tar Romney and distract voters from his own economic record.

Next, Obama rolled out a rehearsed, childish put-down of some aspect of Romney's tax plan. The news of the day from the president of the United States was him calling Mitt Romney "Romneyhood" at a fundraiser in Connecticut.  It is so dumb I don't mind repeating it. But with so much of the media willing to play along, Romney couldn't let the sound bite stand and have it be declared clever by the Obama apologencia — the Romney campaign had to have its own childish retort. So yesterday was about Romneyhood and "Obamaloney." 

I guess that is a score for Obama, since he needs the campaign to be a discouraging farce so that no one will notice how his stewardship of the economy is ruining their lives and destroying kids' futures.

Oh, well. I can't wait to see what happens next.