Drudge Report site on Wednesday, Sept. 19. (The Washington Post)


The president who takes himself so very seriously can't risk being in a serious forum for fear his hypocrisy would be challenged. This Insider said over a month ago that "President Obama is personally admired, so he does well on light, non-news television. Look for him to do the late-night shows, ‘The View’-type formats and dozens, if not hundreds, of less-challenging local news interviews."  

It's worse than I thought, and the president is getting away with it. The evolution of politics as celebrity and governing as entertainment is being accelerated and manipulated by Obama. There is no chance that our campaigns are made better by pop-culture venues becoming substitutes for the challenging forums our candidates should face.

Between the mainstream media and Hollywood, the president has plenty of enablers who let him go unchallenged and who pretend he is doing a good job, when in fact there is nothing to suggest that he is doing productive work to restore American prosperity or ensure peace abroad. The president is coasting. He must be the luckiest man alive. I said in 2008 that he has never really been challenged. I took a lot of heat for acknowledging the obvious, in saying that Obama has not done one hard thing in his life. Well, he still hasn't. And he is running for reelection via entertainment talk shows and glossy magazines.

Everything that is easy to do to, save the American economy at home and our leadership abroad, has been done. We need someone who can do the hard things. No one should think that person is Obama. His only plan appears to be to promise more of someone else's money to more and more voters at home as he pretends everything is going according to plan overseas.

The Obama campaign is designed to create distractions or capitalize on those created by others in order to hide from bothersome facts about the president's economic performance. If he wins reelection, this strategy will no doubt be declared genius by most of the fawning media elite. With much of the media declaring Mitt Romney dead and Hollywood letting the president glide into American living rooms, we can't expect an election that will produce a mandate for our next president to make hard choices.