In sports, which President Obama loves, there is something called, “getting inside your opponent's head.” This means your opponent worries about what you’re going to do or say, and it distracts him from his own game.

Obama is clearly winning this war of “psych” right now. If you watch the infamous Mitt Romney “47 percent” video to the end, you hear Romney talk about his Massachusetts health-care plan, and it shows how badly he has been rattled. He mentions Obama’s statement that Romney’s actions in Massachusetts inspired the bill. Romney awkwardly says he knows the president didn’t mean it as a compliment and then goes on to defend the Massachusetts model and finally say that he will get rid of Obamacare. It raised more questions than it answered, it seems to me. Similiarly, his 47 percent statement earlier in the video shows that Romney “unplugged” has the other guy constantly on his brain. It’s like a point guard saying the other guy is going to drop 47 on him no matter what, but here’s how he can get to 51.

All presidential candidates I've been around develop an obsession about their opponents. The good ones block it out so it doesn't affect their performance.