Perhaps President Obama has finally gone too far.  The Obama super PAC ran an ad that essentially accused Mitt Romney of killing someone. The Obama campaign, not bothering to tell the truth, got caught in its collaboration between the PAC and the campaign, and there’s probably a meeting taking place right now about how to change the subject, and fast. 

I hate to keep repeating myself, but the Obama campaign is overheating.  I also hate to keep repeating myself because the smart people at The Post say I repeat myself too much. 

Anyway, so far the Obama campaign and their surrogates have labeled Romney a felon, a tax cheat and a killer.  This type of negative campaigning is probably helping Obama in the short term, but what’s next?  The kitchen sink flew by months ago.  Will his campaign stick with these three nasty slurs or go even lower?  If this is August, what will October bring?  Accusations that Romney is a child molester or a polygamist?   In all seriousness, I do expect Mormonism to be on trial in the fall, with the tenets of Mormonism under intense scrutiny from the left. 

Are we ever going to get to policy?  We need the hot days of August to cool things off for a little while.