It would be nice to have one of the closing posts be about the noble and unique American electoral process — about how the voters ultimately make the best decision, how their wisdom will ultimately prevail, and how in the end, American elections are always about an optimistic view of the future.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out what about the last couple of days of Campaign 2012 would warrant such a post.

President Obama ends the campaign with a fist-shaking call for “revenge.” What’s noble or wise about that, especially coming from the incumbent president of the United States?  Merriam-Webster defines “revenge” as “an act or instance of retaliating in order to get even.” Who does Obama want to get even with?  Who wants revenge in the first place?  The answer is, the aggrieved want revenge.

It’s ironic and sad at the same time that Barack Obama, who’s had a charmed American life with innumerable helping hands along the way, now seeks revenge and thinks other should too. But when your mentors and intellectual guides are people like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and your politics celebrate people like Sandra Fluke, I guess revenge is a fitting call to arms. And all this coming from the so-called more likable of the two candidates. 

As I said Friday, I can’t reconcile the Obama edge in the polls with everything I know about the political dynamics in 2012.  I also can’t reconcile Obama’s embittered call for retaliation in politics by one group against another with having mass appeal among voters, given what I think of the American character. Isn’t politics still about the future? About optimism? About one generation living a better, more secure life than the previous one?  If that is still the test, Mitt Romney should win big. Why is this election even close?

Romney said it best himself.  Obama offers himself as an agent of revenge. Romney, on the other hand, said, “I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”  I’m sure the left groans and rolls their eyes at what they see as hokey, tired patriotism.  I think it should close the deal for Romney.