President Obama has launched a new phrase, loaded with buzz words, that is a clear “dog whistle.” The left always hears these when a GOP leader speaks. Well, Sunday, the president said America should ". . . go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared."  I'm shocked he said it with such clarity. It confirms so many alarming things about Obama that it makes the 2012 choice for voters even clearer.

Obama believes Americans have not sufficiently shared what they’ve made; therefore, he believes we need government-enforced sharing because those who make something fail to compensate those who don't. Does anyone doubt his class-warfare strategy? Does anyone doubt this is classic social-democratic dogma?

Obama hasn’t accidentally created government dependents by flawed policy decisions. Public dependency and wealth confiscation have always been goals in and of themselves, and now he is promising even more in exchange for votes. He is “whistling” to those who want more from the government as well as those on the verge of giving up on the idea of living independent from the government to get on board and take the drug he is offering. It couldn't be plainer. 

Obama hopes people give in to the hopelessness that his governance produces. If you see your neighbor getting theirs from the government, you might as well just give up and get yours, too. Obama believes you should take what he will force others to “share.”

He believes more people want something from the government than want to be left alone by the government. This is a big turning point in America. After the “you didn't build that” debacle, there is no more pretense of a political appeal to those who seek the classic American dream that includes independence from the government.

Romney made the choice between himself and the president clearer by picking Paul Ryan.