I agree with Carter that super PACs have essentially made a mockery of campaign funding rules. As I’ve said before, American voters should be allowed to make unlimited contributions to the campaigns of their choosing in an open, transparent manner. But Carter’s post, and much of the reporting surrounding the Koch brothers’ most recent financial commitment to supporting Mitt Romney for president, grossly inflates the amount of money being given to the Romney campaign by conservative donors.

Labor unions and other sources of left-wing money who contribute to President Obama in order to protect their own interests will overwhelm what conservative donors will contribute in support of Romney and their interests.  The Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan organization which tracks campaign spending, proves this with their historical data on the 2008 election.

In 2007-2008, contributions from labor PACs were totaled at $66,954,390 to Democrats, with labor PACs spending only $5,934,882 for Republicans. That’s 92 percent to 8 percent!  Total contributions for PACs during this year to Democrats were $263,051,017, compared with $201,525,870 to Republicans. It doesn’t seem likely that Obama will be outspent during this election cycle.

The New York Times actually tracks independent spending for Campaign 2012 on a weekly basis. And in the period dating May 14-27, Priorities USA Action spent $3,630,664 on ads attacking Romney.

Some conservative donors may be banding together to help Romney in his quest to remove Obama from the White House, but as spending by left-leaning PACs in the past two weeks have indicated, their fundraising will pale in comparison to the money the labor unions are set to throw to Obama before November.