President Obama has run an ad, which Carter refers to in his last post, that makes a false statement. The only thing special about the ad is its untruthfulness. Romney puts the lie to rest in a counter-ad that is workmanlike and matter-of-fact.

Romney got pushed, he pushed back. So what? Yet the Democrats and their sympathizers in the media now want to swoon and appear faint at the very notion that Republicans would call Obama a liar in this instance. 

This morning on NBC, Savannah Guthrie chased Romney senior campaign adviser and former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie around on whether Obama was a “liar.”  But the point was for NBC to fish for the sound bite and then wave the bloody shirt of how ugly American politics is. Gillespie didn’t take the bait; he’s a pro. And after all, in politics, as it’s said, there are no lies, there is true (something factual), somewhat true (includes a grain of truth), and almost true (a total lie).

So Obama ran an ad that, by Washington standards, was almost true.  No one in polite company wants to use the L-word, unless you are on Showtime. But why all the posturing and the pretend outrage at calling a falsehood what it is?