Carter highlights a mystery that exists in today’s American political universe. Where is the Obama carpet-bombing of the newly emerging Republican nominee? With every day that goes by, Mitt Romney becomes stronger and is better able to brace himself for a blow. Perhaps Romney emerged a little sooner than the Obama campaign had planned, but can’t they call an audible and try to hit Romney while he staggers out of the primaries? And to add to what Carter calls the “Republican hooey,” the precise money numbers are hard to follow, but surely Obama could, if he wanted to, unleash some hounds starting tomorrow.

Some political insiders tell me that the Obama forces are probing by testing some messages and some ads. So far, they still plan on sticking to their spring launch date. I’m puzzled by this. Admittedly, there’s never enough money, but there’s no chance Obama will run out of cash. They could hit Romney now and it would be difficult for him to respond with a well-organized effort.    

The books written after the campaign will reveal whether or not this was an example of clear-eyed discipline on the part of the genius Obama campaign, or the first of many slow, inflexible, uncreative debacles that led to Obama’s loss.