Ed’s post on President Obama’s “lazy” comment is a little “soft.” I would be tougher on the president.

While Obama’s comments were taken out of context, you would have to be a careful, unbiased fact checker to appreciate that. Regrettably, and to its detriment, our democracy is run on emotions, not facts.

Obama’s comment fuels pre-existing anger about his elitism and doubt about his understanding of the travails of real Americans. Predictably, his Republican challengers found the excerpts they wanted and exploited them.

The deeper and more accurate criticism of Obama’s speech is that it fits a pattern on the president as critic in chief rather than commander in chief. The president has repeatedly and accurately, to my ears, complained about our country’s lack of imagination and will. We are letting too much of the future be built and owned elsewhere. But, especially after three years, the president is supposed to be our cheerleader and quarterback, not some disgruntled fan in the stands booing the home team.