President Obama is running out of things to say about the economy, and what he does say finds credibility or sympathy only in an ever-shrinking universe. With the abysmal June job numbers, Obama had the gall to appeal to voters to look at the long term for economic relief.  He didn’t elaborate as to what the long term would bring or even what the long term is.  After all, he had promised shortly after his inauguration that unemployment would be at 5.8 percent now, rather than at the 8.2 percent (or worse) that it is

The faithful New York Times, the epicenter of the Obama apologencia, did try to lend some validity to the president’s appeal for the long-term view.  Mark Landler, the Times’s White House correspondent and “The Caucus” blogger, is a chronicle of positive Obama reviews, solemn pledges and excuses for the president, with the occasional negative review of some aspect of the Romney campaign.  Landler has had a distinguished career as a diplomatic correspondent; I don’t know what he did that made him be handed over to the Obama campaign, but it must have been pretty bad. 

Anyway, the idea that we just haven’t waited long enough for the president’s economic proposals to create jobs is insulting. It’s like your retirement fund manager telling you, after almost four years of losing money, that you have to keep a long-term perspective. Actually, you need to change strategies and change investment managers, not pursue the insanity of doing the same thing with the same people and hoping for a different result.

The economic trajectory between now and November is clear.  Obama is faced with the challenge of making new economic promises (more about his bogus tax-cut offer later), while having to hide from his own past record, and not being able to explain why his plans have made things worse so far.  There aren’t enough Mark Landlers in the world to help Obama out of this hole. 

If you want to see the opposite view on job creation and the economy dispassionately presented and factually based, read Larry Kudlow’s latest piece, “Obama’s Goose is Cooked.”