I was underwhelmed by the president's news conference Friday morning. He began with a lecture for the European Union about the need for its members to address their debt and slow growth through "tough decisions." I can only imagine how that was received across the Atlantic, given our own nation's lassitude in addressing these same issues.

The president went on to say that our country's economy is doing better in some sectors but lagging in others, suggesting once again that Congress do what it will not: Pass his jobs plan.  Once again, I was struck by the president's seeming distance from his own ideas.  He spoke rather vaguely about the need for further stimulus and then debt reduction but presented this thought as an idea rather than a cause. 

On the question of whether his White House would leak national security information to further his political standing, the president flashed some passion in his denial, saying, “We don’t play with that.”  Would love to have seen a little of that flash on the economy.