Now that everyone has woken up to the idea that I highlighted on Oct. 29 and realized how ridiculous Obama’s “Secretary of Business” idea is, take it a step further and look at Obama’s current Commerce Department. 

Remember how I said that Obama’s new department could be staffed with a retired professor or two? Well, it looks like he’s already rolling out his big plan. The acting commerce secretary, Rebecca Blank, has a biography that only an Occupy protestor could love. Her experience primarily lies in economic statistics and government social policy programs — not in anything that resembles the private sector, but perfect for Obama’s view of what commerce should be. Before joining the Commerce Department, her major achievement was implementing “a major expansion of faculty” at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. And actually, that is exactly Obama’s idea of a jobs program – more faculty. He doesn’t know we can’t all be professors. 

I’ll say it again. This is a joke. 

Rebecca Blank does not have the experience needed to be an effective business liaison for the administration or an effective advocate for American business. I doubt she’s ever even been on a Sunday news show, and I’m sure they’re hiding her now. I’m sure she’s a fine woman, and her appointment doesn’t reflect poorly on her, but it does reflect poorly on Obama and truly reveals his ignorance about business and what the American economy needs.