I am in strong agreement today with the rising calls of the GOP establishment for Rep. Paul Ryan to be Mitt Romney's running mate. Savvy insiders may smell a rat. Perhaps my real agenda is that I believe Ryan's radical budget would reinforce the negative frame of Romney as, excuse me, Ed, "Romneyhood," who steals from the middle class and gives to the rich. (By the way, the phrase-makers in both parties need a vacation: Romneyhood and Obamabaloney are both lame.)

 In truth, my agenda is simple. Our nation could benefit from a real debate about  the proper role of government, and Paul Ryan's selection makes that more likely. Unlike Romney, who believes that specificity kills candidacies, Ryan has released a detailed blueprint for the nation's future through his budget. Ezra Klein's summary is better than mine, but Ryan believes the nation will be restored to greatness by massive new tax cuts, drastic cuts in social programs and entitlement reform, but not for the current generation of beneficiaries, and plus hikes in defense spending.

I am not going to debate his ideas here today, but what a debate we could have. My assumption, however, is that Romney sees only the downside in a Ryan choice. I hope I'm wrong.