President Obama's campaign had a pretty good week. Certainly the short-term looks good for him, as the crisis in Libya and elsewhere in the Muslim world has bumped the terrible economy out of the news. A campaign day spent talking about something other than the president's economic failures means a good day for his reelection chances.

Most polls currently show a slight rise for the president,but not enough of an increase to be worrisome for the Romney campaign. Even though the short-term might look promising for the president, at its core a presidential election is about peace and prosperity.  Obama doesn't have any claim to being able to bring prosperity back. And his Nobel Peace Prize is looking sillier than ever. Wasn't Obama supposed to usher in a new era, where the world followed his lead and gained newfound respect for the United States because of the humility he would showcase on our behalf?

Voters can see for themselves the lack of respect Obama commands in foreign cities, and they fear the price we will pay in the long-term. Anyway, the election is a long way off. Peace and prosperity can't be faked. Obama's campaign did have a good week, but the president should be worried.