Wow, I think someone stole Ed’s iPhone and wrote his last post. Rick Santorum has an affable personality? That would be news to many, including the people of his home state, where he was defeated by the largest margin of any incumbent Republican senator in history. He did win twice, but once by less than 50 percent, in 1994, a Republican landslide year, and in 2000, by the barest of margins.

To swing voters in the critical state of Pennsylvania, which has so much in common with other swing states such as Ohio and Indiana, Santorum comes across as a scolding, mean-spirited and smug moralist.

Ed’s impersonator also suggested that Rick Perry’s “optimism” would make him a strong opponent against President Obama. Perry is Obama’s licentious political fantasy. It’s almost as if he were genetically engineered from a mutant strain of George W. Bush — all swagger, no brain.

Ed is right when he says Obama faces a real reelection challenge. But to rank Santorum and Perry, no matter their Iowa finishes, on par with Romney is imposterpous (pun intended).