Ha! This post is so easy, I’m writing it with one hand tied behind my back.

President Obama’s smug aloofness will be a real problem for the entire Democratic ticket in 2012. Americans need some relief from the dour, condescending professor. Carter and his crowd wish it were different, but Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are sprites compared with Obama.

The election will be about the issues but also about confidence and optimism. People don’t want to vote for more gloom. What was cool in 2008 has become cold; what was Obama’s confident pose has become more of a glower.

The issues will be well defined, but part of the decision people will make will be about optimism vs. pessimism. How can Obama offer anything but more of the same bleakness?

While the Democrats calculate the attacks and the rating points they will use to carpet-bomb the GOP nominee, Carter and company better think about how to deal with the dreary cloud of Obama’s persona compared with that of a new and refreshed Republican nominee. Real hope for a fresh start begins tomorrow in Iowa.