Nothing President Obama wants is too big; nothing he will take from you is too small. We are beyond the excuse that he required on-the-job training. The man who has written two books about himself just doesn't get it. The validity of this statement will be on full display this week.

First the big. The Supreme Court will decide if Obama has overreached and done something no president has ever done in history: usurped the Constitution to force every citizen to buy something the government has designed for them. If his signature health-care mandate is overturned it will be hard to argue that he did little more than squander his term.

Then there is the shameless, jaw-dropping gall of the president asking people to forgo life's small personal gestures like wedding gifts and birthday presents and instead send him a campaign contribution so that he will have a few extra dollars to protect his power and privileges. That's right, end the selfishness of giving gifts to loved ones to commemorate the milestones we share and send a humble tribute to Obama’s altar. Sheesh, I thought nothing a politician could ask for could shock me. But this breaks new ground, and I find it more repulsive than Obama's grandiose health-care takeover which, at least in theory, was an attempt to achieve some public good.

The net political effect of this is that Obama's feet of clay are getting a dousing. His credibility, stature and seriousness are eroding by the day. Enthusiasm for his reelection is softening. Obama is beginning to look like an incumbent who can't get 50 percent. He could still win, but first he has to stop losing. This week is off to a bad start and the big news is still to come.