Isn’t this rich? Saturday Night Live couldn’t have thought of anything better. When I read this headline, I had to make sure it wasn’t coming from The Onion. President Obama actually said that in his second term, there could be a “Secretary of Business.“ That's right, he knows he has a problem with American business and naturally, he thinks there is a government solution. This shows how tone-deaf he is, how ignorant he must be of how business works in America and what American businesses want from Washington.

Anyway, if Obama is reelected, support for private business from the government is on the way. What could go wrong? Obama is going to use his own business savvy to redraw parts of the government organization chart to make a new Department of Business. The new department could be staffed with the community organizers, labor leaders and Occupy rejects who are currently doing field work for his campaign, along with assorted philosophy and political science majors from the president’s favorite universities, and a retired professor or two.  The new Department of Business could have things like a “Bureau of Business Assistance” that reviews business plans to make sure they comply with the Obama worldview. Ha! Or maybe “The Office of Fair Hiring and Fair Pay Encouragement” will be knocking on your door. What business owner wouldn’t appreciate this ”help”?

Obama’s business liaison has been viewed as a joke and as an enemy of American business. He has had to hide from the honorable private sector leaders he appointed to his defunct jobs council. His previous Commerce Secretary was sent to China and no one noticed.  His current Commerce Secretary couldn’t be picked out of a lineup with the Spice Girls. Mitt Romney could have some fun with this.