If you had told me that the Supreme Court had to uphold Obamacare, this is how I would have wanted it to happen. The law has been declared a gigantic tax only four months before an election that will permit voters to decide whether they want the tax.

Republicans need the election to be about jobs and the economy, and there is no hiding the effects of Obamacare on either.

Now the campaign will immediately include the Obama White House and the Democrats in Congress having to argue they weren’t deceitful before when they said that it wasn’t a tax, that it isn’t a tax today and that they will change the bill so that Democrat-supporting groups won’t have to pay the tax. The Romney and GOP ads exposing this will be comical given the material they have to work with. I hope they are on the air this weekend. And this Sunday’s talk shows should produce some awkward moments that will telegraph some of what is to come.

I hope the House GOP doesn’t move too fast to have a symbolic vote on repeal. Let this fiasco linger for a while; let the voters be reminded of what President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress said about no taxes. Refresh the impact that this law will have on the economy, jobs and American freedom. Have hearings and town hall meetings this summer. Approach this composed, informatively and thoughtfully. Let this travesty waft for some time. Help everyone do their own personal math on the cost to their family and business.

We had one election in 2010 when Obamacare was on the ballot and the Democrats were thrown out. Nothing about the ruling, the economy or Obama’s relationship with voters suggests that a fresh airing of this stained rag will be any better for the Democrats today than it was two years ago.

Usefully, Obama lives to fight another day. He isn’t strengthened, he is propped up and must fight a fight he doesn’t want. He is weaker than he was in 2010, and his opponents and the reasons for opposing him are stronger and more clear. Obama isn’t on a roll, he is on the ropes.